What we do

We are a South African company offering nationwide research capabilities. In this changing age, consumers are involved, articulate and are always on the move. Consumers in rural and urban areas present us with opportunities to cover the purchasing patterns, social behaviour and additional aspects of their lives in what are very dynamic times. It is a validated insight of consumers that could be used in the retail or indeed non-retail sectors.

Perhaps the most significant contribution made by our company is in our continuous research at the airports in South Africa as well as for the International Air Traffic Association internationally. To facilitate and accommodate the movement of people, factors such as time, space and satisfaction levels need to be continuously monitored communicated to all stakeholders involved. As such, we currently monitor 10,000 airport users annually and also monitor the movement of people into South Africa since 1994.

Innovation is key in the way we conduct face to face interviews. For example conducting internet surveys using mobile-based interviewing applications. Through our collaboration with specialists in the field, we are also able to offer enhanced services as required by our clients. Our areas of expertise are:
• Africa
• South Africa
• Retail
• Transport