Who we are


Market Decisions was founded at a critical point in South Africa: 1994. The company is firmly entrenched in the retail and information provision business. Currently employing 26 people around the country. Our focus is on strategic partnerships with our clients, be it in the retail, banking, aviation, general transport or Government sector. Understanding the market from a consumer demand point positioned us at the centre of the massive transformation in both South Africa and indeed the rest of Africa. Using high quality information and resources, all derived in house and often on the ground, we seek to differentiate ourselves through consistency and greater understanding of our clients and their customers.

Market Decisions is an Equal Opportunity Company. We train and employ peoples from previously disadvantage backgrounds for the bulk of our fieldwork. We employ second, third and final year students for a period of 2 and a half years during which they work an average of 10 days per month, at various times. This is a full time position, and they remain on our payroll. At the end for this period, we help them find employment in either retail, marketing or transport related companies.

The poverty levels in South Africa indicate an ever increasing gap between rich and poor. We recognize this and in the past have supported: Entabeni Children’s Home, Johannesburg Children’s Hospital, Old Age Homes, Starfish Foundation. Recently, as part of our charity drive, we distributed shopping bags made of cotton, manufactured by previously disadvantaged people. We support independent upliftment companies, and have managed to source those that provide good quality products and service. To this end, corporate gifts and incentives are always purchased from BEE compliant companies.