Our company first started collecting and collating data on Africa almost 11 years ago.  In those early days much of the data was coming from the UN, World Bank and IMF all as fairly reliable sources, but require further detailed analysis as well. Today, with several expanded databases and maps available for anyone interested in Africa, either as a continent, region, countries or cities means that data is available from Africa, by Africans and in partnership with Global organisations.

Our answer to disseminating data rests on the assumption that with assistance from the African Union, Statistical Agencies of each country, various Professional Bodies who need to create international standards for each industry (e.g.: Aviation by the CAA) so that the continent can grow within and thus start to gain respect on the international playing field.

For now, Market Decisions is at the southern tip, but expand we must, pass the knowledge on, leave legacies and train the next generation. Sharing data for the greater good is the end goal!  Our expansion may take us to East and West Africa, because currently, South Africa has to decide its future, (R/$ rate in 1995 was $3.63 and it is now $18.9), amidst the ongoing power crisis. South Africa’s current GDP per capita is $7,055, with Mauritius, Seychelles, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea recording higher figures than this.The continent is moving onward and upwards.

This is the first leg of our journey, and depending on demand, we will add cities, towns and villages as the data gets released and is found to be reliable.  Our website will be open to sell our macro information at a very reasonable offer.  So, engage with us and let us know what you think? Africa matters more than you think, generalisations of the continent will not move us forward! For now, contact us on gis@marketdecisions.co.za and we can send you the data or the information on Google Earth.