Involvement in three census periods of 1996, 2001 and 2011

Community Surveys for both 2006 and 2016

South African Retail Landscape

Market Decisions worked on the very first shopping centre directory in 1999. At the time, the focus was on centres greater than 10,000m². Over time, this continued to grow, and more centres were added. The last published directory was in 2019.  There are currently 2295 shopping centres in the South Africa!

These centres are geographically dispersed and include specialty types such as Airport Retail.  When excluding centres over 5,000 square metres, the total is 23 906 182m². When a

smaller centre opens next to a community or regional centre and becomes part of the retail node, we have added it to reflect this as being part of the bigger area, i.e.  part of Regional Centre because there is a link between the two.

The information contained in the GIS release of Directory is taken from the 2019 print and updated as per our live updates and verification checks over the years. Many relate to changes in ownership or leasing companies.

The next directory may be published in 2022, and a fuller version will be provided. For the next update in March 2022, we be updating all the shopping centres that are greater than 7000m².

Shopping Centres have been a tremendous catalyst in providing the basic facilities for many small towns and rural areas. In the past many residents had to travel long distances to get to the nearest centre.  Members in a community work in these centres and so it becomes an economic hive as well.

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