Our company collects, collates and disseminates information on 54 (+4) countries in Africa. Our continent is now at the cusp of a new breed of young people. Tech has opened up the continent to wider opportunities and interaction with the global world.
On the plus side, the world is looking to Africa for the supply of gas, re-writing the climate change book and more. UK, Germany, France are all countries who are keen to drive growth. Investors from the Gulf are taking a fresh look at Africa.
Is it not time that the African Union starts playing a more decisive role in steering the continent onto the global world? After all, there are institutions to reform, tech companies to monitor, youth to be given good employment, debt restructuting following the two year pandemic, and investment to attract.

Let us not let the opportunities pass us by, yet again! Follow us as we put the Census of each country on our Geo Spatial layer.

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